Hunter Macdonald

CEO and Co-Founder

Hunter Macdonald is co-founder and CEO of Tutela. A born entrepreneur, passionate about challenging and innovating the mobile industry.


Tom Luke

VP Sales and Partnerships

Tom is Head of Sales and Partnerships and is based in London, England. Previously at Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems, Tom has in-depth experience in the mobile industry.

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Brennen Chow

VP of Operations and Co-Founder

Brennen Chow is co-founder and VP of Operations at Tutela. Combining his engineering expertise with project management know-how, Brennen manages our infra- and analytics based software solution.


David Yarish

VP Mobile Solutions and Co-Founder

David leads the development of mobile products at Tutela. and is actively following his passion for creating quality software solutions for mobile devices, ensuring that Tutelas products are low-impact while maintaining high integrity.


Tony Kroeker

VP Systems Engineering and Co-Founder

Tony leads the Systems Engineering team at Tutela. A tenacious problem solver with a passion for technology and big data. 


Erik Tarnvik

VP Product

Erik is responsible for product direction and management at Tutela, bringing more than 15 years’ experience as an international executive in the wireless test and measurement sector to the team.


Laura A. Colwill, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Laura, in charge of financial operations at Tutela, is a veteran finance professional with 30 years' experience in primarily high-tech start-up and entrepreneurial companies - both in Canada and internationally.